Casino tips – experience more fun and success in all casino games

Casino tips

There are two major concepts of online gaming. One concept is that it should provide plenty of fun and excitement. Another concept says that it should provide an opportunity to win huge sums. Winning in different casino games can depend on two factors. First of all, such events like the appearance of images on reels, the card distribution, the rotation of the wheel and the ball, or the rolling of dice are totally random. They are subject to the random number generator. Secondly, there are actions that can be done by the gamer in order to influence the development of the game and the outcome. The gamer can increase his winning chances with his choice so a lot of different tips were created in order to facilitate that choice.

Casino slot tips for gamers

Slots need no skills or specific knowledge from the player. The gameplay of slots consists totally of random elements such as the appearance of images on reels or the activation of slot features. This is true for types of slots with different themes, complexity, size, and payouts. What the gamer can influence regarding slot games is the choice of the game. The following tips should be considered to gain some benefit:

  • any casino tips can be tested on free demo versions of slots;
  • a generous welcome bonus must be collected upon the registration in order to provide free time and increase the winning chances of the gamer;
  • the “most popular” section on the website usually contains interesting and exciting titles that have already pleased most gamers;
  • a slot must have an RTP from 96% in order to increase potential winnings;
  • progressive jackpot slots offer the largest possible sum in the category;
  • a budget for a slot game should be strictly set before the beginning to prevent unbearable losses because the game will tempt the gamer to continue playing even after losing;
  • activating more paylines on reels will increase chances of collecting winning combos on them; also, some slots need the activation of all paylines in order to potentially be able to hit the jackpot.
  • betting strategies are based on the calculated odds of all potential outcomes so it is useful to pick a strategy for a game;
  • there are gaming strategies that offer charts with the gamer’s moves; for example, in blackjack, the chart shows how the gamer should act regarding his cards and one known card or the dealer;
  • learning odds of existing outcomes is beneficial in terms of understanding the game and making better decisions by yourself;
  • even money bets are a good choice with the lowest risk because they have around 50% odds of winning;
  • it is useful to test and train any strategy in a free mode to see how it is working as well as improve your reactions.

Casino craps strategy tips to win

Craps is a difficult game, and therefore there are a great many strategies for intermediate and experienced players. If you are new to dice, your best bet is to learn a few beginner strategies that will make you feel comfortable placing small bets.

The simplest craps bet is the Pass Line bet during the first half of each round. There are three possible outcomes here: you win with natural (7 or 11), lose with craps (2, 3, 12), or you win twice with a point (any other number) and its repeated before being thrown number 7.

One of the popular strategies for beginners is to alternate the Pass Line bet with a series of Come Line bets according to the following scheme: 1. Pass Line bet; 2. The shooter rolls the dice; 3. Single or double odds; 4. Come Line Bet. 5. The shooter rolls the dice. 6. Repeat steps 3-4. 7. Shooter rolls the dice.


  • In dice, the advantage is always on the side of the casino. The Pass Line bet gives the casino a 1.41% advantage. In other bets the casino has an even greater advantage, but the payout for them is also significantly higher for the players.
  • For newbies, dice is a tricky game, so the best place to start is to play the demo at one of the leading online casinos. Only when you feel that the essence of the game is clear to you, you can start playing for money.
  • If you are a beginner, place low risk bets – Pass Line and Come Line. As soon as you are more or less “involved”, you can try to take a risk and place a bet in the center of the table.
  • Craps involves communication, whether you are playing in a real casino or online. But remember: communication with interesting people and entertainment is, of course, good, but you are playing only for yourself. How much others are betting, you should not worry – you are playing not with the players, but with the casino.

How to play craps: become a professional in gambling games in no time

Craps – is a popular type of gambling casino games online, also known as game on luck. It’s a perfect way to quickly get rid of the stress, because rounds are pretty quick but they still have that thrilling and excited effect on the player. One of the reasons why players love this game is simple rules. It doesn’t take much time to understand how to play this game, but at the same time you could win good quantity of money there.

In craps all game is played with dices. You have a pair of dices on the table and you should predict what number they’ll form after roll. If your bet was correct – you are getting money, if no – you could try your luck again.

Top tips that will help you to start winning in craps

Even though craps is a perfect example of games on the luck, and your skill don’t really effort the game process, it’s still very useful to know the rules and basic strategies, because it helps to avoid most common mistakes. We’ve made a list of craps game basic rules that could help you at the beginning of your way:

  • Train your skill in free version of the game. The best way to understand how to play craps and win – is to go through all way yourself. In free games you could do mistakes and it won’t lead to losing of money;
  • Don’t make too high bets. Remember, that it’s still game on luck and it’s not really wise to bet on all money you have. It’s just for fun, don’t get too serious;
  • Examine all odds of the game you are playing, on different platforms there are some differences;
  • Follow one strategy and after some time of playing you’ll clearly see the result of it;

Don’t forget, that craps first of all is a way to reduce your stress level and relax from your real-life problems. If you intended to win money, playing gambling games, it’s better to start playing poker or other serious games, where the result of the match depends on your knowledge and skill.

What do you have to know, playing craps in LasVegas casino

Playing craps in LasVegas casino has its own features and rules. It’s a bit different from online gambling, so if you wonder how to play casino craps in Vegas – you will need this tips:

  1. Never bet on number 7 on the craps table, because after come out roll number 7 will certainly be a losing one. It’s the first rule you should remember, learning how to play craps;
  2. If you’ve missed come out roll, you could always bet on the Come Line;
  3. When you roll the dice, make sure that the roll is really hard to hit back wall;

It’s really easy to learn how to play casino craps, because this game is very relaxing and created mostly for fun purposes. Don’t expect too much from it and you’ll be greatly rewarded when you don’t even expect that, because only unexpected winning of money could make your day brighter and light up your mood.

First of all, gambling is game of luck and a pleasant hobby, so take it easy and don’t be too serious.

Craps online – the power of dice rolling

Craps is a form of casino entertainment that is totally different from all others. It is a game that uses two playing dice as gaming instruments. These things are thrown on the gaming table which also serves as the betting location. It has particular markings that define each possible bet. When the gamer makes his bet, he places chips on a certain section on the table. Gamers also take turns in throwing those dice, the turn is shifted when the previous gamer loses.

The online version totally recreates the whole gaming process so that the online gamer could feel the same atmosphere of Vegas heat. It is even more true for craps online with a live dealer. All actions there are identical, and the rolling is totally random as well. While the gamer cannot influence the result on dice, all his other decisions can significantly change the path of the game for him. What bets he makes, how he makes them, and what actions he takes during the game can define the outcome and increase the chances of winning.

Main principles of craps game online

The game starts with placing initial sets. Then the first games should make the first throw – the come-out one. Its result will then establish the path of the round:

  1. craps – with a 2, 3, or 12, the shooter loses, but the round is not finished and he can throw again;
  2. natural – with a 7 or 11, the shooter wins and throws again;
  3. point – with other results, the shooter creates a point – the result is remembered, and the shooter starts making rolls until he throws this result again and succeeds, or he shoots a 7 and fails after what the round is finished.

Failing the “point” is known as “seven out”.

Main bets

The game has many betting options that every gamer will eventually learn by gaining more and more experience. When you are a beginner, there is a smaller list of bets that you need to learn in order to make proper choices and moves:

  • always start with Pass or Don’t Pass bets; these bets are opposite to each other – when one succeeds, another fails, which means they have 50/50 odds; such ratio is the most favorable choice of a newbie; the come-out the first roll at the natural or the point makes Pass succeed; craps (without 12) and “seven out” work for Don’t Pass;
  • your second choice should be Come and Don’t Come bets that become available after the point; they work similarly to previous bets and have the same ratio;
  • then consider the bets like Field (success at a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12), Place, and Buy (an exact result to happen before a 7).

You can always start with free online craps where you can learn all specifics and betting nuances.

Craps rules and everything for a beginner

Born in America (presumably at the end of the 18th century in New Orleans), board gambling in Craps dice soon crossed the ocean and became popular first in Europe and later in the world. So far, interest in this game has not faded.

One of the most popular games in the world

Almost every casino will offer you this exciting and dynamic game, but no craps rules. And there are a large number of variations of this dice game, so it is important to read the rules and conditions of the game for each version. But there are common craps rules, bets, goal and conditions for all variants:

  1. There is no limit on the number of players.
  2. The number of dice – two for the roll.
  3. The number of stages – from one to two (the game develops depending on the drop of a particular combination of dice – the sum of numbers).

It is quite difficult for beginners to get into the rules, because the noisy atmosphere around the craps tables – roaring, screaming, laughing – prevents them from concentrating.


It is a bright and open game. And its pace is fast enough, not comparable to elegant roulette or a game of cards, where the open expression of emotions is not welcome. Craps, on the contrary, encourages strangers to communicate: they begin to “cheer” for the thrower, rejoicing at the winning throws. The dealer leading the game (stickman) keeps up with the players and spectators. For him, there are even certain “shouts” that accompany the game.

As you go, get used to terminology and the rules for craps.

Basic craps rules

Craps is played with two cubes, the edges of which are numbered from 1 to 6. It is the basic for almost every craps rules version out there, so you can be gambling no matter where you are. Events in the game develop depending on the falling out of a certain amount on the cubes. Thus, the falling out of 2, 3, 7, 11 and 12 has a special meaning.

For a Pass Line bet, if 7 or 11 are dropped on the dice (these combinations are called “pass” or “natural”), then you win, whereas a drop of 2, 3 and 12 means your loss (these combinations are called “craps”). If you place a Don’t Pass Line bet, then falling out 3 and 12 will lead to a win, and losing 7 and 11 will mean a draw. A falling out of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 in case of bets Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line means a draw: You have not won or lost, but are continuing the game.

Drop 7 is most important in craps. If you roll the dice and get the sum of 7 in the first roll, it means you win in case of betting on the Pass Lineand lose in case of betting on the Don’t Pass Line, but all subsequent rolls 7 means you lose for betting on the Pass Line and vice versa win for betting on the Don’t Pass Line.

All you have to do to win from the second and subsequent rolls is to:

  • For a Don’t Pass Line bet – before the 7th roll, try to roll the dice so that the same number (“Point”) falls out as in the first roll.
  • For a Don’t Pass Line bet, try to roll 7 before the “Point” falls out.
  • There might be something else, depending on a rules of a particular version of the game.

It is important to understand the terminology in order to play the game successfully. Thus, Roll 3 and 3 (3 on one die and 3 on the second) is called Firm Six, 4 and 2 will be Soft Six.